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IT Trends - Clarifying Data through Exploration & Development

Information Technology is a critical tool for businesses large and small.  This statement sounds elementary, but implementing Information Technology can be quite complex.  Monitoring IT Trends is a way of defining what leading edge technology might catapult your business or kill your business.   Below are some trends that we think are worth identifying. 

Managed IT Services 
Managed IT Services is a trend that will continue to influence how business implements technology.  In the past, many businesses thought that they required an IT staff to support their technology requirements.  Now, a more cost effective method is to outsource your IT requirements a help desk, technical support, data analysts, programmers, and even CIO's.   Short term usage of high-level expertise with stabilized implementations of technology and accessible support are cost effective because they are used on a as-needed basis not as a departmental overhead. 

The Cloud 
The Cloud is not just for data storage.  While data back-up and recovery is still a major part of Cloud activities, hardware and software are migrating to the cloud at a steady pace.  Implementing software as a service is becoming more common.  How about all those apps now available?  That's just a sample of the migration occurring. Many COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) software is also available in the cloud.  Some of our customers are experiencing the benefits of this solution.  

Websites are viewed most commonly on devices other than desktop computers in today's world.  This means that a responsive website is critical to your internet presence.   However, your website should only be one piece of your internet reputation.  Total integration with your social media is also a requirement.   While not emerging trends, the more current the information, the more interaction with your client, and the more SEO, the better your visitor conversion rate.  As a result, Content Management Systems (CMS) have become standard.

AI, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT)

Are you a futurist?  You may be if you've connected your phone to your car, plugged in your GPS coordinates to your vehicle, or looked at your security cameras from your phone.  All these may seem like ordinary activities, but they are indicators of the Internet of Things.   The internet is now a commonplace connector of your everyday tools.  Many have heard of Tesla, but what about Alexa or Echo.  Yes, you've probably heard of them as well.  This is just the dawn of a new age of future integrations from refrigerators building your grocery list with apps to connect to your grocery delivery company of choice.   How will your company be able to utilize this emerging technology? 
Adopt and Adapt
Many companies are focused on staying on trend in their own industries. Innovation is critical to successful businesses.  Adopting new technology requires integration to current business processes.  Adopting is the job of management.  Adapting to new technology can require some immediate technical support and continued help desk support.   Adapting is the job of the workforce.   A strategy and a plan are needed in order to keep new technology from derailing your current flow of business.

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